Yusuf Acar Forest Products

Yusuf Acar Forest Products

Log, Timber for construction, Molded board and OSB

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Yusuf Acar Forest Products

Bulgaria and Ukraine

imported logs and lumber

monthly 1200 m3

has achieved sales of

Yusuf Acar Forest Products

You can ask them to prepare Yusuf Acar Forest Products! Making a special kind of material according to the needs of our clients in moderation..


Yusuf Acar, making imports of timber Forest Products in Ukraine and Romania.

Timber for construction

Our factory have been producing their own construction lumber Yusuf Acar Forest Products.


Yusuf Acar own our factory in Forest Products 1. 2. and 3. Molded producing class.


Yusuf Acar, the Forest Products for sale in our factory and branches have been making OSB.

Yusuf Acar Time Tunnel Forest Products



As of now, Yusuf Acar Forest Products, Ukraine and Bulgaria over the month 1200 is m3 timber imports.

First Timber Imports

Yusuf Acar Forest Products 2006 Gebze and Ukraine opened a new branch in the importation of the first timber ship made on the basis.

First Factory

Yusuf Acar Forest Products 1994 month in 1000 m3 capacity inaugurated its first factory in Esentepe.


Yusuf Acar Forest Products 1985 began its operations in the Gazi neighborhood.

Yusuf Acar Grup - Habib Our Branches


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